As a retired U.S. Navy pilot, I once took an oath to serve America. I remember it well. I swore to defend and uphold the Constitution of United States. It was my duty and honor to take that oath. In running for the U.S. Congress to represent the people of Florida in District 1, I still live by and swear by that oath.

Over the past few years, I have witnessed politicians continue to stray from this path and muddle the foundation of our great country, and so, I am compelled once again to seek service to the United States. The unique principle of government for the people by the people is one that reminds me that this office should be held by one of us, not just some career politician. My military background, proven Leadership, and willingness to defend our Country and rights make me the best choice for Congress.

I will carry the message of freedom, rule of law and economic freedom to Washington – values and principles that once defined us. I appreciate you standing with me to take the fight for our freedom back to Capitol Hill!

Retired U.S. Navy Pilot with 26 years of Uniformed Service
Commanded Two Naval Security Force Units
Directed Regional Emergency Management Operations
Directed Multiple Disaster Relief Efforts
Former Member of Board of Directors for American Red Cross Chapter
Former Chairman of Disaster Services for American Red Cross Chapter
Former Member of Board of Directors for Clean and Green Chapter
Emergency Management of the Year Award Recipient – Florida
Proven Leadership